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Add App Lock feature to Manual

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......@@ -295,3 +295,23 @@ These are the options:
* **Dark** uses dark colors.
* **Automatic** changes the theme based on the time of day.
* **System Default** sets the theme to whatever your system is set to.
### App Lock ###
<img src="assets/img/manual_app_lock-cropped.png" alt="">
On recent devices, you can activate the app lock feature in the settings.
If the setting is available, but can't be activated (greyed out),
you need to set up screen security in your device settings first.
Additionally, you can set a **Screen lock inactivity timeout**
to automatically lock the app after it was not used for a certain amount of time.
<div style="clear:both"></div>
<img src="assets/img/manual_app_lock_keyguard.png" alt="">
<img src="assets/img/manual_app_lock_nav_drawer-cropped.png" alt="">
Once the feature was activated, an item **Lock App** will be added to the main menu.
When the app is opened while locked,
you will need to enter your PIN, pattern or password to access it.
......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ def main():
crop('manage-rss-feeds-2.png', 35)
crop('manual_dark_theme_settings.png', 45)
crop('manual_dark_theme_nav_drawer.png', 64)
crop('manual_app_lock.png', 75)
crop('manual_app_lock_nav_drawer.png', 75)
def crop(file_name, bottom, top_offset=0, only_show=False):
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