Commit 708e4f87 authored by akwizgran's avatar akwizgran

Fixed some bugs and cleaned up code in TransportConnectionRecogniser.

parent 79c3ef57
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ class TransportConnectionRecogniser {
private final DatabaseComponent db;
private final TransportId transportId;
private final Map<Bytes, WindowContext> tagMap; // Locking: this
private final Map<RemovalKey, RemovalContext> windowMap; // Locking: this
private final Map<RemovalKey, RemovalContext> removalMap; // Locking: this
TransportConnectionRecogniser(CryptoComponent crypto, DatabaseComponent db,
TransportId transportId) {
......@@ -34,72 +34,87 @@ class TransportConnectionRecogniser {
this.db = db;
this.transportId = transportId;
tagMap = new HashMap<Bytes, WindowContext>();
windowMap = new HashMap<RemovalKey, RemovalContext>();
removalMap = new HashMap<RemovalKey, RemovalContext>();
synchronized ConnectionContext acceptConnection(byte[] tag)
throws DbException {
WindowContext wctx = tagMap.remove(new Bytes(tag));
if(wctx == null) return null;
ConnectionWindow w = wctx.window;
if(wctx == null) return null; // The tag was not expected
ConnectionWindow window = wctx.window;
ConnectionContext ctx = wctx.context;
long period = wctx.period;
ContactId contactId = ctx.getContactId();
byte[] secret = ctx.getSecret();
long connection = ctx.getConnectionNumber();
boolean alice = ctx.getAlice();
// Update the connection window and the expected tags
Cipher cipher = crypto.getTagCipher();
ErasableKey key = crypto.deriveTagKey(ctx.getSecret(), ctx.getAlice());
byte[] changedTag = new byte[TAG_LENGTH];
Bytes changedTagWrapper = new Bytes(changedTag);
for(long conn : w.setSeen(connection)) {
TagEncoder.encodeTag(changedTag, cipher, key, conn);
WindowContext old;
if(conn <= connection) old = tagMap.remove(changedTagWrapper);
else old = tagMap.put(changedTagWrapper, wctx);
assert old == null;
ErasableKey key = crypto.deriveTagKey(secret, alice);
for(long connection1 : window.setSeen(connection)) {
byte[] tag1 = new byte[TAG_LENGTH];
TagEncoder.encodeTag(tag1, cipher, key, connection1);
if(connection1 <= connection) {
WindowContext old = tagMap.remove(new Bytes(tag1));
assert old == null;
} else {
ConnectionContext ctx1 = new ConnectionContext(contactId,
transportId, tag1, secret, connection1, alice);
WindowContext wctx1 = new WindowContext(window, ctx1, period);
WindowContext old = tagMap.put(new Bytes(tag1), wctx1);
assert old == null;
ContactId c = ctx.getContactId();
long centre = w.getCentre();
byte[] bitmap = w.getBitmap();
db.setConnectionWindow(c, transportId, wctx.period, centre, bitmap);
return wctx.context;
// Store the updated connection window in the DB
long centre = window.getCentre();
byte[] bitmap = window.getBitmap();
db.setConnectionWindow(contactId, transportId, period, centre, bitmap);
return ctx;
synchronized void addWindow(ContactId c, long period, boolean alice,
synchronized void addWindow(ContactId contactId, long period, boolean alice,
byte[] secret, long centre, byte[] bitmap) throws DbException {
// Create the connection window and the expected tags
Cipher cipher = crypto.getTagCipher();
ErasableKey key = crypto.deriveTagKey(secret, alice);
ConnectionWindow w = new ConnectionWindow(centre, bitmap);
for(long conn : w.getUnseen()) {
ConnectionWindow window = new ConnectionWindow(centre, bitmap);
for(long connection : window.getUnseen()) {
byte[] tag = new byte[TAG_LENGTH];
TagEncoder.encodeTag(tag, cipher, key, conn);
ConnectionContext ctx = new ConnectionContext(c, transportId, tag,
secret, conn, alice);
WindowContext wctx = new WindowContext(w, ctx, period);
tagMap.put(new Bytes(tag), wctx);
TagEncoder.encodeTag(tag, cipher, key, connection);
ConnectionContext ctx = new ConnectionContext(contactId,
transportId, tag, secret, connection, alice);
WindowContext wctx = new WindowContext(window, ctx, period);
WindowContext old = tagMap.put(new Bytes(tag), wctx);
assert old == null;
db.setConnectionWindow(c, transportId, period, centre, bitmap);
RemovalContext ctx = new RemovalContext(w, secret, alice);
windowMap.put(new RemovalKey(c, period), ctx);
// Store the new connection window in the DB
db.setConnectionWindow(contactId, transportId, period, centre, bitmap);
// Create a removal context to remove the window when the key expires
RemovalContext rctx = new RemovalContext(window, secret, alice);
removalMap.put(new RemovalKey(contactId, period), rctx);
synchronized void removeWindow(ContactId c, long period) {
RemovalContext ctx = windowMap.remove(new RemovalKey(c, period));
if(ctx == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException();
synchronized void removeWindow(ContactId contactId, long period) {
RemovalKey rk = new RemovalKey(contactId, period);
RemovalContext rctx = removalMap.remove(rk);
if(rctx == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException();
// Remove the expected tags
Cipher cipher = crypto.getTagCipher();
ErasableKey key = crypto.deriveTagKey(ctx.secret, ctx.alice);
byte[] removedTag = new byte[TAG_LENGTH];
Bytes removedTagWrapper = new Bytes(removedTag);
for(long conn : ctx.window.getUnseen()) {
TagEncoder.encodeTag(removedTag, cipher, key, conn);
WindowContext old = tagMap.remove(removedTagWrapper);
ErasableKey key = crypto.deriveTagKey(rctx.secret, rctx.alice);
byte[] tag = new byte[TAG_LENGTH];
for(long connection : rctx.window.getUnseen()) {
TagEncoder.encodeTag(tag, cipher, key, connection);
WindowContext old = tagMap.remove(new Bytes(tag));
assert old != null;
synchronized void removeWindows(ContactId c) {
Collection<RemovalKey> keysToRemove = new ArrayList<RemovalKey>();
for(RemovalKey k : windowMap.keySet()) {
for(RemovalKey k : removalMap.keySet()) {
if(k.contactId.equals(c)) keysToRemove.add(k);
for(RemovalKey k : keysToRemove) removeWindow(k.contactId, k.period);
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