Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Headless
    Ticket is related to the Briar Headless REST API
    • Project label
  • Good first issue
    Ticket is suitable for a beginning contributor
    • Group label
  • Fixed
    Resolution: Issue described by the ticket has been solved
    • Group label
  • Feature request
    Ticket describes a user-visible improvement that may or may not be implemented
    • Group label
  • Feature
    Ticket describes a user-visible improvement
    • Group label
  • Duplicate
    Resolution: Ticket is redundant
    • Group label
  • Document
    Ticket will produce a document
    • Group label
  • Chrome
    Ticket relates to running Briar on Chrome OS
    • Group label
  • Bug
    Ticket describes a defect that affects the user
    • Group label
  • Battery
    Ticket affects battery usage
    • Group label