Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • High priority
    Ticket belongs to the current milestone and should be worked on as soon as possible
    • Group label
  • Infrastructure
    Ticket concerns the infrastructure for developing and deploying the project
    • Group label
  • Liaison
    Ticket involves co-ordinating with another organisation
    • Group label
  • Security audit
    Ticket describes an issue identified by an external security audit
    • Group label
  • Usability
    Ticket has usabilty implications
    • Group label
  • User feedback
    Ticket is based on feedback from users or testers
    • Group label
  • Sponsor 5
    Ticket is supported by ISC (January 2020 contract)
    • Group label
  • Headless
    Ticket is related to the Briar Headless REST API
    • Project label
  • Good first issue
    Ticket is suitable for a beginning contributor
    • Group label
  • Sponsor 6
    Ticket is supported by sponsor 6 (, November 2020 contract)
    • Group label