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Introduce ViewModel for RssFeed*Activity

Daniel Lublin requested to merge 1894-viewmodel-for-rssfeed-activities into master

Closes #1894 (closed)

Testing instructions

This MR refactors the whole RSS Feed system.

Access RSS Feeds-screen in the "action overflow" (3 dots-icon) in the app bar of the Blogs activity.

It is at all times during testing -- like after actions taken, events occuring etc -- relevant to rotate the device and ensure that:

  • Text entered in fields, switches toggled etc remain so
  • Visibility of progressbars and buttons are the same
  • Labels on buttons remain the same
  • Opened dialog boxes remain so

Import a feed

  • Tap Plus-icon in the app bar
  • Enter a feed URL
  • Tap import
  • Wait for import to succeed, and to be returned to RSS Feeds-screen.
    • or expect import-failed dialog, if feed was invalid
  • Verify that successfully added feed appears in list on RSS Feeds-screen.

Be impatient, after "Tap import" above:

  • Return to previous screen ◁
  • Wait for successfully added feed to appear in list
    • Or, in the case of an invalid feed, expect import-failed dialog.

Be even more impatient, after "Tap import" above:

  • Return to previous screen ◁
  • Tap Plus-icon to add a new feed while the first one is being processed
  • Expect the progressbar to be visible
  • Expect to be returned to RSS Feeds-screen once ongoing import is successful
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