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WIP: Add permission requests and doze mode whitelisting for Android 6+

Julian Dehm requested to merge (removed):268-doze-mode-permissions into master

BE AWARE: If you test/install this you'll have to uninstall Briar (and therefore lose your contacts etc.) if you want to go back to the master branch

Add permission requests for Android 6+

  • Add request for the camera
  • Add request for the old blueooth contact exchange

Add doze mode whitelisting request

  • Adds a bar at the bottom hinting to whitelist Briar

Update libraries and dependencies

  • Update SDKs and Support Libaries
  • Update Material Tap Prompt (current version is not compatible with newer support libraries)

Closes #158 (closed) and parts of #268 (closed) Closes #1051 (closed)

Edited by Torsten Grote

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