Verified Commit 9434495d authored by akwizgran's avatar akwizgran

Escape Unicode characters in test data.

This enables reproducible builds with non-Unicode locales.
parent bf9e91fc
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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ public interface TestData {
"Ibrahim ibn Sinan",
"Muhammad Al-Karaji",
"Yang Hui",
"René Descartes",
"Ren\u00e9 Descartes",
"Pierre de Fermat",
"Blaise Pascal",
"Jacob Bernoulli",
......@@ -33,13 +33,13 @@ public interface TestData {
"George Boole",
"John Venn",
"Gottlob Frege",
"Henri Poincaré",
"Henri Poincar\u00e9",
"David Hilbert",
"Bertrand Russell",
"John von Neumann",
"Kurt Gödel",
"Kurt G\u00f6del",
"Alan Turing",
"Benoît Mandelbrot",
"Beno\u00eet Mandelbrot",
"John Nash",
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