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# Go Reproducer
This is a tool you can use to verify that golang binaries
used by [Briar]( (such as obfs4proxy)
were built exactly from the public source code
and no modifications (such as backdoors) were added.
More information about these so called reproducible builds is available at
The source code for this tool is available at
## How to use
Make sure the version of Go you want to verify is included in `versions.json`.
Verify that you have `docker` installed:
docker --version
If this command does not work,
please [install Docker](
and continue once it is installed.
### Using our pre-built image
If you trust that our pre-built Docker image was built exactly from *its* source,
you can use it for faster verification.
If not, you can read the next section to learn how to build the image yourself.
Then you are only trusting the official `debian:stable` image which is out of our control.
Otherwise, you can skip the next section and move directly to *Run the verification*.
### Building your own image
Check out the source repository:
git clone
Build our Docker image:
docker build -t briar/go-reproducer go-reproducer
### Run the verification
To verify a specific version of obfs4proxy, run
docker run briar/go-reproducer:latest ./ [version]
Where `[version]` is the version of obfs4proxy you want to test, for example ``.
You can find a list of versions in obfs4proxy's
[source code repository](
Just remove the `obfs4proxy-` from `obfs4proxy-0.0.7`.
If you leave out `[version]` it will build the latest version
that was registered in `versions.json`.
In case there is an issue with the verification of an old build,
this *might* be caused by an update of the container.
You can try to use the original container by running:
docker run briar/go-reproducer:[version] ./ [version]
There should be a tag with the name `[version]` in this repository
that you could be used to reproduce the old container.
Note that this will not work if the issue is caused by an updated Debian package.
### Only build obfs4proxy
To build a specific version of obfs4proxy, run
docker run briar/go-reproducer:latest ./ [version]
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