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......@@ -21,12 +21,24 @@ In case you forgot your password, there's no other way than to delete your old
account and start from scratch. Call `rm -rf ~/.briar/` to delete your current
### How can I transfer contacts from my Android device?
### How can I transfer a Briar account from my Android device?
By using [_adb_](,
you can copy the database and keys from a Briar Android installation.
Note that your smartphone needs to be rooted for this.
You shouldn't use this technique to clone your Briar account to another device and
then use the same account on both devices. If you do this, you open up yourself to many
possible threats. See
[this comment on Briar's issue tracker](
for more information. Therefore, make sure to delete the old copy
of your Briar account after you've transferred it to another device to protect
yourself against attacks circumventing forward secrecy.
In case you just want to transfer contacts from one account to another,
better use the "contact introduction feature" which is already available on Android
devices and which is planned to land in python-briar-wrapper, too.
You can either use the script at
[tools/](tools/ or do it manually:
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