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......@@ -57,3 +57,23 @@ Please note that the output of the scripts might give false negatives,
i.e. other countries not listed might also be blocking Tor.
This can be due to limited OONI data, wrong GeoIP classifications,
flaky national firewalls, sophisticated blocking techniques or other reasons.
# Publishing results on the web
Expose the `www` folder with a webserver.
Copy or symlink these generated files into the folder:
* `countries.json`
* `countries-bridges.json`
* `countries-bridge-ratio.json`
## Periodically update data
To keep the published data up do date,
you might want to set up a cronjob that runs the following scripts:
* `ooni-sync` for `vanilla_tor`
* `ooni-sync` for `tcp_connect`
* `` to update `tor-browser-bridges`
* ` --json` to produce `countries.json`
* ` --json` to produce `countries-bridges.json`
* ` --json` to produce `countries-bridge-ratio.json`
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