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Copy GeoIP file *before* resetting its time, fixes reproduciblity

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......@@ -30,10 +30,10 @@ def main():
# zip geoip database
geoip_path = os.path.join(EXT_DIR, 'tor', 'src', 'config', 'geoip')
geoip_path = os.path.join(REPO_DIR, 'geoip')
copy(os.path.join(EXT_DIR, 'tor', 'src', 'config', 'geoip'), geoip_path)
copy(geoip_path, os.path.join(REPO_DIR, 'geoip')) # copy first to not zip directory
check_call(['zip', '-X', os.path.join(REPO_DIR, ''), os.path.join(REPO_DIR, 'geoip')])
check_call(['zip', '-X', '', 'geoip'], cwd=REPO_DIR)
# zip binaries together
file_list = ['', '']
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