Commit 835be314 authored by akwizgran's avatar akwizgran

Merge branch 'tor-' into 'master'

Add Tor

See merge request !10
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"": {
"tor": "tor-",
"libevent": "release-2.1.8-stable",
"openssl": "OpenSSL_1_0_2u",
"xz": "v5.2.4",
"zlib": "v1.2.11",
"zstd": "v1.3.8",
"tor-android": "55791c108d4b732b1c12866e4db3b8b1fd826bf1",
"tor_android_repo_url": "",
"ndk": {
"url": "",
"revision": "15.2.4203891",
"sha256": "f01788946733bf6294a36727b99366a18369904eb068a599dde8cca2c1d2ba3c"
"": {
"tor": "tor-",
"libevent": "release-2.1.8-stable",
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