Remove lzma and zstd since we can't statically link it

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......@@ -188,20 +188,6 @@ def build_linux(name=''):
env['LDFLAGS'] = "-L%s" % prefix_dir
env['CFLAGS'] = "-fPIC -I%s" % include_dir
env['LIBS'] = "-L%s" % lib_dir
env['PKG_PATH'] = include_dir
# build lzma
xz_dir = os.path.join(ext_dir, 'xz')
check_call(['./'], cwd=xz_dir)
check_call(['./configure', '--disable-shared', '--enable-static', '--disable-doc',
'--disable-xz', '--disable-xzdec', '--disable-lzmadec', '--disable-lzmainfo',
'--disable-lzma-links', '--disable-scripts', '--prefix=%s' % prefix_dir],
cwd=xz_dir, env=env)
check_call(['make', 'install'], cwd=xz_dir, env=env)
# build zstd
zstd_dir = os.path.join(ext_dir, 'zstd', 'lib')
check_call(['make', 'install'], cwd=zstd_dir, env=env)
# build openssl
openssl_dir = os.path.join(ext_dir, 'openssl')
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