About Us

Michael Rogers started the Briar project to support freedom of expression, freedom of association and the right to privacy. He has studied and built peer-to-peer systems for over a decade and contributed to Freenet and LimeWire.

Eleanor Saitta is a hacker, designer, artist, writer, and barbarian. She has been working as a security consultant since 2003, specializing in security design and strategy, and makes a living and a vocation of understanding how complex sociotechnical systems operate and redesigning them to work, or at least fail, better.

Torsten Grote is a Free Software activist and programmer. He studied computer science as well as philosophy and is interested in various topics of technology-enabled social and political change. As a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe, he ran their Free Your Android campaign to show people how they can use their mobile device securely and in freedom.

Ernir Erlingsson has been building mobile applications on multiple platforms for over a decade. He is a full stack developer, and an avid supporter of open-source software, with a keen interest in theoretical computer science and algorithms.

Bernard Tyers is an independent interaction designer and user researcher. He is interested in privacy and applying user-centred design to usable security. He is a long-time supporter of the Open Rights Group, Tor and free software projects.

Jack Grigg is a core developer of the I2P anonymity network and lead developer of I2P Android. He has a keen interest in privacy and anonymity research, and enjoys helping other developers create privacy-respecting software. He is also a budding UX enthusiast. In his non-spare time, Jack has been completing a PhD in Applied Physics at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Briar has received funding from Small Media, the Open Internet Tools Project, Access and the Open Technology Fund.

To contact the team, please email contact@briarproject.org [PGP key].