Verified Commit b4b0d3da authored by akwizgran's avatar akwizgran Committed by Torsten Grote

Allow null values in JsonDict.

parent 609c90f5
package org.briarproject.briar.headless.blogs
import org.briarproject.bramble.api.sync.MessageId
import org.briarproject.bramble.identity.output
import org.briarproject.briar.headless.json.JsonDict
internal fun BlogPostHeader.output(body: String): JsonDict {
val dict = JsonDict(
internal fun BlogPostHeader.output(body: String) = JsonDict(
"body" to body,
"author" to author.output(),
"authorStatus" to authorStatus.output(),
"type" to type.output(),
"id" to id.bytes,
"parentId" to parentId?.bytes,
"read" to isRead,
"rssFeed" to isRssFeed,
"timestamp" to timestamp,
"timestampReceived" to timeReceived
if (parentId != null) dict["parentId"] = (parentId as MessageId).bytes
return dict
internal fun MessageType.output() = name.toLowerCase()
package org.briarproject.briar.headless.json
class JsonDict(vararg pairs: Pair<String, Any>) : HashMap<String, Any>(pairs.size) {
class JsonDict(vararg pairs: Pair<String, Any?>) : HashMap<String, Any?>(pairs.size) {
init {
fun putAll(vararg pairs: Pair<String, Any>) {
fun putAll(vararg pairs: Pair<String, Any?>) {
for (p in pairs) put(p.first, p.second)
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