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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

4 5 6
	<string name="app_name" translatable="false">Briar</string>
	<string name="app_package" translatable="false"></string>

	<!-- Setup -->
	<string name="setup_title">Welcome to Briar</string>
	<string name="setup_name_explanation">Your nickname will be shown next to any content you post. You can\'t change it after creating your account.</string>
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
	<string name="setup_next">Next</string>
	<string name="setup_password_intro">Choose a Password</string>
	<string name="setup_password_explanation">Your Briar account is stored encrypted on your device, not in the cloud. If you forget your password or uninstall Briar, there\'s no way to recover your account.\n\nChoose a long password that\'s hard to guess, such as four random words, or ten random letters, numbers and symbols.</string>
	<string name="setup_doze_title">Background Connections</string>
	<string name="setup_doze_intro">To receive messages, Briar needs to stay connected in the background.</string>
	<string name="setup_doze_explanation">To receive messages, Briar needs to stay connected in the background. Please disable battery optimizations so Briar can stay connected.</string>
	<string name="setup_doze_button">Allow Connections</string>
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17 18 19
	<string name="choose_nickname">Choose your nickname</string>
	<string name="choose_password">Choose your password</string>
	<string name="confirm_password">Confirm your password</string>
20 21 22 23
	<string name="name_too_long">Name is too long</string>
	<string name="password_too_weak">Password is too weak</string>
	<string name="passwords_do_not_match">Passwords do not match</string>
	<string name="create_account_button">Create Account</string>
	<string name="more_info">More Information</string>
	<string name="don_t_ask_again">Don\'t ask again</string>

27 28 29 30 31
	<string name="setup_huawei_text">Please tap the button below and make sure Briar is protected in the \"Protected Apps\" screen.</string>
	<string name="setup_huawei_button">Protect Briar</string>
	<string name="setup_huawei_help">If Briar is not added to the protected apps list, it will be unable to run in the background.</string>
	<string name="warning_dozed">%s was unable to run in the background</string>

	<!-- Login -->
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	<string name="enter_password">Password</string>
34 35
	<string name="try_again">Wrong password, try again</string>
	<string name="sign_in_button">Sign In</string>
36 37 38
	<string name="forgotten_password">I have forgotten my password</string>
	<string name="dialog_title_lost_password">Lost Password</string>
	<string name="dialog_message_lost_password">Your Briar account is stored encrypted on your device, not in the cloud, so we can\'t reset your password. Would you like to delete your account and start again?\n\nCaution: Your identities, contacts and messages will be permanently lost.</string>
	<string name="startup_failed_notification_title">Briar could not start</string>
	<string name="startup_failed_notification_text">Tap for more information.</string>
	<string name="startup_failed_activity_title">Briar Startup Failure</string>
42 43
	<string name="startup_failed_db_error">For some reason, your Briar database is corrupted beyond repair. Your account, your data and all your contacts are lost. Unfortunately, you need to reinstall Briar or set up a new account by choosing \'I have forgotten my password\' at the password prompt.</string>
	<string name="startup_failed_data_too_old_error">Your account was created with an old version of this app and cannot be opened with this version. You must either reinstall the old version or set up a new account by choosing \'I have forgotten my password\' at the password prompt.</string>
	<string name="startup_failed_data_too_new_error">This version of the app is too old. Please upgrade to the latest version and try again.</string>
	<string name="startup_failed_service_error">Briar was unable to start a required plugin. Reinstalling Briar usually solves this problem. However, please note that you will then lose your account and all data associated with it since Briar is not using central servers to store your data on.</string>
	<plurals name="expiry_warning">
47 48
		<item quantity="one">This is a test version of Briar. Your account will expire in %d day and cannot be renewed.</item>
		<item quantity="other">This is a test version of Briar. Your account will expire in %d days and cannot be renewed.</item>
	<string name="expiry_update">The testing expiry date has been extended. Your account will now expire in %d days.</string>
	<string name="expiry_date_reached">This software has expired.\nThank you for testing!</string>
52 53 54
	<string name="download_briar">To continue using Briar, please download version 1.0.</string>
	<string name="create_new_account">You will need to create a new account, but you can use the same nickname.</string>
	<string name="download_briar_button">Download Briar 1.0</string>
55 56
	<string name="startup_open_database">Decrypting Database…</string>
	<string name="startup_migrate_database">Upgrading Database…</string>
57 58 59 60

	<!-- Navigation Drawer -->
	<string name="nav_drawer_open_description">Open the navigation drawer</string>
	<string name="nav_drawer_close_description">Close the navigation drawer</string>
	<string name="contact_list_button">Contacts</string>
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	<string name="groups_button">Private Groups</string>
	<string name="forums_button">Forums</string>
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	<string name="blogs_button">Blogs</string>
	<!-- This is part of the main menu. The app will be locked when this is tapped. -->
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	<string name="lock_button">Lock App</string>
67 68
	<string name="settings_button">Settings</string>
	<string name="sign_out_button">Sign Out</string>
69 70 71 72 73 74 75

	<!-- Transports -->
	<string name="transport_tor">Internet</string>
	<string name="transport_bt">Bluetooth</string>
	<string name="transport_lan">Wi-Fi</string>

	<!-- Notifications -->
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	<string name="reminder_notification_title">Signed out of Briar</string>
	<string name="reminder_notification_text">Tap to sign back in.</string>
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	<string name="reminder_notification_channel_title">Briar Sign-in Reminder</string>
	<string name="reminder_notification_dismiss">Dismiss</string>
80 81 82 83 84 85
	<string name="ongoing_notification_title">Signed into Briar</string>
	<string name="ongoing_notification_text">Touch to open Briar.</string>
	<plurals name="private_message_notification_text">
		<item quantity="one">New private message.</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d new private messages.</item>
86 87 88 89
	<plurals name="group_message_notification_text">
		<item quantity="one">New group message.</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d new group messages.</item>
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
	<plurals name="forum_post_notification_text">
		<item quantity="one">New forum post.</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d new forum posts.</item>
	<plurals name="blog_post_notification_text">
		<item quantity="one">New blog post.</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d new blog posts.</item>

	<!-- Misc -->
	<string name="now">now</string>
101 102 103 104
	<string name="show">Show</string>
	<string name="hide">Hide</string>
	<string name="ok">OK</string>
	<string name="cancel">Cancel</string>
	<string name="got_it">Got it</string>
106 107 108
	<string name="delete">Delete</string>
	<string name="accept">Accept</string>
	<string name="decline">Decline</string>
	<string name="options">Options</string>
110 111 112
	<string name="online">Online</string>
	<string name="offline">Offline</string>
	<string name="send">Send</string>
	<string name="allow">Allow</string>
	<string name="open">Open</string>
	<string name="no_data">No data</string>
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	<string name="ellipsis"></string>
	<string name="text_too_long">The entered text is too long</string>
	<string name="show_onboarding">Show Help Dialog</string>
	<string name="fix">Fix</string>
	<string name="help">Help</string>
	<string name="sorry">Sorry</string>
122 123

	<!-- Contacts and Private Conversations-->
124 125
	<string name="no_contacts">No contacts to show</string>
	<string name="no_contacts_action">Tap the + icon to add a contact</string>
	<string name="date_no_private_messages">No messages.</string>
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akwizgran committed
	<string name="no_private_messages">No messages to show</string>
	<string name="message_hint">Type message</string>
129 130 131 132 133 134
	<string name="delete_contact">Delete contact</string>
	<string name="dialog_title_delete_contact">Confirm Contact Deletion</string>
	<string name="dialog_message_delete_contact">Are you sure that you want to remove this contact and all messages exchanged with this contact?</string>
	<string name="contact_deleted_toast">Contact deleted</string>

	<!-- Adding Contacts -->
	<string name="add_contact_title">Add a Contact</string>
	<string name="face_to_face">You must meet up with the person you want to add as a contact.\n\nThis will prevent anyone from impersonating you or reading your messages in future.</string>
137 138
	<string name="continue_button">Continue</string>
	<string name="try_again_button">Try Again</string>
	<string name="waiting_for_contact_to_scan">Waiting for contact to scan and connect\u2026</string>
140 141
	<string name="exchanging_contact_details">Exchanging contact details\u2026</string>
	<string name="contact_added_toast">Contact added: %s</string>
142 143
	<string name="contact_already_exists">Contact %s already exists</string>
	<string name="qr_code_invalid">The QR code is invalid</string>
144 145
	<string name="qr_code_too_old">The QR code you have scanned comes from an older version of %s.\n\nPlease ask your contact to upgrade to the latest version and then try again.</string>
	<string name="qr_code_too_new">The QR code you have scanned comes from a newer version of %s.\n\nPlease upgrade to the latest version and then try again.</string>
	<string name="camera_error">Camera error</string>
147 148
	<string name="connecting_to_device">Connecting to device\u2026</string>
	<string name="authenticating_with_device">Authenticating with device\u2026</string>
	<string name="connection_error_title">Could not connect to your contact</string>
150 151
	<string name="connection_error_explanation">Please check that you\'re both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.</string>
	<string name="connection_error_feedback">If this problem persists, please <a href="feedback">send feedback</a> to help us improve the app.</string>

	<!-- Introductions -->
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154 155
	<string name="introduction_onboarding_title">Introduce your contacts</string>
	<string name="introduction_onboarding_text">You can introduce your contacts to each other, so they don\'t need to meet in person to connect on Briar.</string>
	<string name="introduction_menu_item">Make Introduction</string>
	<string name="introduction_activity_title">Select Contact</string>
	<string name="introduction_not_possible">You already have one introduction in progress with these contacts. Please allow for this to finish first. If you or your contacts are rarely online, this can take some time.</string>
	<string name="introduction_message_title">Introduce Contacts</string>
	<string name="introduction_message_hint">Add a message (optional)</string>
	<string name="introduction_button">Make Introduction</string>
	<string name="introduction_sent">Your introduction has been sent.</string>
163 164
	<string name="introduction_error">There was an error making the introduction.</string>
	<string name="introduction_response_error">Error when responding to introduction</string>
	<string name="introduction_request_sent">You have asked to introduce %1$s to %2$s.</string>
166 167
	<string name="introduction_request_received">%1$s has asked to introduce you to %2$s. Do you want to add %2$s to your contact list?</string>
	<string name="introduction_request_exists_received">%1$s has asked to introduce you to %2$s, but %2$s is already in your contact list. Since %1$s might not know that, you can still respond:</string>
	<string name="introduction_request_answered_received">%1$s has asked to introduce you to %2$s.</string>
	<string name="introduction_response_accepted_sent">You accepted the introduction to %1$s.</string>
	<string name="introduction_response_accepted_sent_info">Before %1$s gets added to your contacts, they need to accept the introduction as well. This might take some time.</string>
	<string name="introduction_response_declined_sent">You declined the introduction to %1$s.</string>
172 173 174
	<string name="introduction_response_accepted_received">%1$s accepted the introduction to %2$s.</string>
	<string name="introduction_response_declined_received">%1$s declined the introduction to %2$s.</string>
	<string name="introduction_response_declined_received_by_introducee">%1$s says that %2$s declined the introduction.</string>
175 176 177 178
	<plurals name="introduction_notification_text">
		<item quantity="one">New contact added.</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d new contacts added.</item>

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	<!-- Private Groups -->
181 182
	<string name="groups_list_empty">No groups to show</string>
	<string name="groups_list_empty_action">Tap the + icon to create a group, or ask your contacts to share groups with you</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
183 184 185 186 187 188
	<string name="groups_created_by">Created by %s</string>
	<plurals name="messages">
		<item quantity="one">%d message</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d messages</item>
	<string name="groups_group_is_empty">This group is empty</string>
	<string name="groups_group_is_dissolved">This group has been dissolved</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
	<string name="groups_remove">Remove</string>
191 192 193
	<string name="groups_create_group_title">Create Private Group</string>
	<string name="groups_create_group_button">Create Group</string>
	<string name="groups_create_group_invitation_button">Send Invitation</string>
	<string name="groups_create_group_hint">Choose a name for your private group</string>
	<string name="groups_invitation_sent">Group invitation has been sent</string>
196 197 198
	<string name="groups_message_sent">Message sent</string>
	<string name="groups_member_list">Member List</string>
	<string name="groups_invite_members">Invite Members</string>
199 200 201 202
	<string name="groups_member_created_you">You created the group</string>
	<string name="groups_member_created">%s created the group</string>
	<string name="groups_member_joined_you">You joined the group</string>
	<string name="groups_member_joined">%s joined the group</string>
	<string name="groups_leave">Leave Group</string>
204 205
	<string name="groups_leave_dialog_title">Confirm Leaving Group</string>
	<string name="groups_leave_dialog_message">Are you sure that you want to leave this group?</string>
	<string name="groups_dissolve">Dissolve Group</string>
207 208 209 210 211
	<string name="groups_dissolve_dialog_title">Confirm Dissolving Group</string>
	<string name="groups_dissolve_dialog_message">Are you sure that you want to dissolve this group?\n\nAll other members will not be able to continue their conversation and might not receive the latest messages.</string>
	<string name="groups_dissolve_button">Dissolve</string>
	<string name="groups_dissolved_dialog_title">Group Has Been Dissolved</string>
	<string name="groups_dissolved_dialog_message">The creator of this group has dissolved it.\n\nYou can no longer write messages to the group and might not receive all posts that have been written.</string>
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Torsten Grote committed

213 214
	<!-- Private Group Invitations -->
	<string name="groups_invitations_title">Group Invitations</string>
215 216
	<string name="groups_invitations_invitation_sent">You have invited %1$s to join the group \"%2$s\".</string>
	<string name="groups_invitations_invitation_received">%1$s has invited you to join the group \"%2$s\".</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
217 218
	<string name="groups_invitations_joined">Joined group</string>
	<string name="groups_invitations_declined">Group invitation declined</string>
219 220 221 222
	<plurals name="groups_invitations_open">
		<item quantity="one">%d open group invitation</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d open group invitations</item>
223 224
	<string name="groups_invitations_response_accepted_sent">You accepted the group invitation from %s.</string>
	<string name="groups_invitations_response_declined_sent">You declined the group invitation from %s.</string>
225 226
	<string name="groups_invitations_response_accepted_received">%s accepted the group invitation.</string>
	<string name="groups_invitations_response_declined_received">%s declined the group invitation.</string>
	<string name="sharing_status_groups">Only the creator can invite new members to the group. Below are all current members of the group.</string>

229 230
	<!-- Private Groups Revealing Contacts -->
	<string name="groups_reveal_contacts">Reveal Contacts</string>
	<string name="groups_reveal_dialog_message">You can choose whether to reveal contacts to all current and future members of this group.\n\nRevealing contacts makes your connection to the group faster and more reliable, because you can communicate with revealed contacts even when the creator of the group is offline.</string>
232 233 234 235
	<string name="groups_reveal_visible">Contact relationship is visible to the group</string>
	<string name="groups_reveal_visible_revealed_by_us">Contact relationship is visible to the group (revealed by you)</string>
	<string name="groups_reveal_visible_revealed_by_contact">Contact relationship is visible to the group (revealed by %s)</string>
	<string name="groups_reveal_invisible">Contact relationship is not visible to the group</string>

	<!-- Forums -->
238 239
	<string name="no_forums">No forums to show</string>
	<string name="no_forums_action">Tap the + icon to create a forum, or ask your contacts to share forums with you</string>
	<string name="create_forum_title">Create Forum</string>
	<string name="choose_forum_hint">Choose a name for your forum</string>
242 243
	<string name="create_forum_button">Create Forum</string>
	<string name="forum_created_toast">Forum created</string>
	<string name="no_forum_posts">No posts to show</string>
245 246 247 248
	<string name="no_posts">No posts</string>
	<plurals name="posts">
		<item quantity="one">%d post</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d posts</item>
250 251
	<string name="forum_new_entry_posted">Forum post published</string>
	<string name="forum_new_message_hint">New Post</string>
	<string name="forum_message_reply_hint">New Reply</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
	<string name="btn_reply">Reply</string>
254 255
	<string name="forum_leave">Leave Forum</string>
	<string name="dialog_title_leave_forum">Confirm Leaving Forum</string>
	<string name="dialog_message_leave_forum">Are you sure that you want to leave this forum?\n\nAny contacts you\'ve shared this forum with might stop receiving updates.</string>
	<string name="dialog_button_leave">Leave</string>
	<string name="forum_left_toast">Left forum</string>
259 260 261

	<!-- Forum Sharing -->
	<string name="forum_share_button">Share Forum</string>
	<string name="contacts_selected">Contacts selected</string>
	<string name="activity_share_toolbar_header">Choose Contacts</string>
264 265
	<string name="no_contacts_selector">No contacts to show</string>
	<string name="no_contacts_selector_action">Please come back here after adding a contact</string>
	<string name="forum_shared_snackbar">Forum shared with chosen contacts</string>
	<string name="forum_share_message">Add a message (optional)</string>
268 269 270 271
	<string name="forum_share_error">There was an error sharing this forum.</string>
	<string name="forum_invitation_received">%1$s has shared the forum \"%2$s\" with you.</string>
	<string name="forum_invitation_sent">You have shared the forum \"%1$s\" with %2$s.</string>
	<string name="forum_invitations_title">Forum Invitations</string>
272 273 274
	<string name="forum_invitation_exists">You accepted an invitation to this forum already.\n\nAccepting more invitations will make your connection to the forum faster and more reliable.</string>
	<string name="forum_joined_toast">Joined forum</string>
	<string name="forum_declined_toast">Invitation declined</string>
	<string name="shared_by_format">Shared by %s</string>
	<string name="forum_invitation_already_sharing">Already sharing</string>
277 278 279 280
	<string name="forum_invitation_response_accepted_sent">You accepted the forum invitation from %s.</string>
	<string name="forum_invitation_response_declined_sent">You declined the forum invitation from %s.</string>
	<string name="forum_invitation_response_accepted_received">%s accepted the forum invitation.</string>
	<string name="forum_invitation_response_declined_received">%s declined the forum invitation.</string>

	<string name="sharing_status">Sharing Status</string>
	<string name="sharing_status_forum">Any member of a forum can share it with their contacts. You are sharing this forum with the following contacts. There may also be other members who you can\'t see.</string>
	<string name="shared_with">Shared with %1$d (%2$d online)</string>
285 286 287 288 289
	<plurals name="forums_shared">
		<item quantity="one">%d forum shared by contacts</item>
		<item quantity="other">%d forums shared by contacts</item>
	<string name="nobody">Nobody</string>

	<!-- Blogs -->
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akwizgran committed
	<string name="blogs_other_blog_empty_state">No posts to show</string>
	<string name="read_more">read more</string>
	<string name="blogs_write_blog_post">Write Blog Post</string>
	<string name="blogs_write_blog_post_body_hint">Type your blog post</string>
	<string name="blogs_publish_blog_post">Publish</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
297 298 299
	<string name="blogs_blog_post_created">Blog Post Created</string>
	<string name="blogs_blog_post_received">New Blog Post Received</string>
	<string name="blogs_blog_post_scroll_to">Scroll To</string>
300 301
	<string name="blogs_feed_empty_state">No posts to show</string>
	<string name="blogs_feed_empty_state_action">Posts from your contacts and blogs you subscribe to will appear here\n\nTap the pen icon to write a post</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
	<string name="blogs_remove_blog">Remove Blog</string>
303 304 305
	<string name="blogs_remove_blog_dialog_message">Are you sure that you want to remove this blog?\n\nPosts will be removed from your device but not from other people\'s devices.\n\nAny contacts you\'ve shared this blog with might stop receiving updates.</string>
	<string name="blogs_remove_blog_ok">Remove</string>
	<string name="blogs_blog_removed">Blog removed</string>
	<string name="blogs_reblog_comment_hint">Add a comment (optional)</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
	<string name="blogs_reblog_button">Reblog</string>
308 309

	<!-- Blog Sharing -->
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Torsten Grote committed
310 311 312 313
	<string name="blogs_sharing_share">Share Blog</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_error">There was an error sharing this blog.</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_button">Share Blog</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_snackbar">Blog shared with chosen contacts</string>
314 315 316 317
	<string name="blogs_sharing_response_accepted_sent">You accepted the blog invitation from %s.</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_response_declined_sent">You declined the blog invitation from %s.</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_response_accepted_received">%s accepted the blog invitation.</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_response_declined_received">%s declined the blog invitation.</string>
318 319
	<string name="blogs_sharing_invitation_received">%1$s has shared the blog \"%2$s\" with you.</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_invitation_sent">You have shared the blog \"%1$s\" with %2$s.</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
	<string name="blogs_sharing_invitations_title">Blog Invitations</string>
321 322
	<string name="blogs_sharing_joined_toast">Subscribed to blog</string>
	<string name="blogs_sharing_declined_toast">Invitation declined</string>
	<string name="sharing_status_blog">Anyone who subscribes to a blog can share it with their contacts. You are sharing this blog with the following contacts. There may also be other subscribers who you can\'t see.</string>

325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333
	<!-- RSS Feeds -->
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_import">Import RSS Feed</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_import_button">Import</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_import_hint">Enter the URL of the RSS feed</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_import_error">We are sorry! There was an error importing your feed.</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage">Manage RSS Feeds</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage_imported">Imported:</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage_author">Author:</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage_updated">Last Updated:</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_remove_feed">Remove Feed</string>
335 336
	<string name="blogs_rss_remove_feed_dialog_message">Are you sure that you want to remove this feed?\n\nPosts will be removed from your device but not from other people\'s devices.\n\nAny contacts you\'ve shared this feed with might stop receiving updates.</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_remove_feed_ok">Remove</string>
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage_delete_error">The feed could not be deleted!</string>
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akwizgran committed
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage_empty_state">No RSS feeds to show\n\nTap the + icon to import a feed</string>
339 340
	<string name="blogs_rss_feeds_manage_error">There was a problem loading your feeds. Please try again later.</string>

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Julian Dehm committed
341 342 343 344 345
	<!-- Settings Display -->
	<string name="pref_language_title">Language &amp; region</string>
	<string name="pref_language_changed">This setting will take effect when you restart Briar. Please sign out and restart Briar.</string>
	<string name="pref_language_default">System default</string>
	<string name="display_settings_title">Display</string>
346 347 348 349 350
	<string name="pref_theme_title">Theme</string>
	<string name="pref_theme_light">Light</string>
	<string name="pref_theme_dark">Dark</string>
	<string name="pref_theme_auto">Automatic (Daytime)</string>
	<string name="pref_theme_system">System Default</string>
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Julian Dehm committed

352 353 354 355 356
	<!-- Settings Network -->
	<string name="network_settings_title">Networks</string>
	<string name="bluetooth_setting">Connect via Bluetooth</string>
	<string name="bluetooth_setting_enabled">Whenever contacts are nearby</string>
	<string name="bluetooth_setting_disabled">Only when adding contacts</string>
357 358 359 360 361 362 363
	<string name="tor_network_setting">Connect via Internet (Tor)</string>
	<string name="tor_network_setting_automatic">Automatic based on location</string>
	<string name="tor_network_setting_without_bridges">Use Tor without bridges</string>
	<string name="tor_network_setting_with_bridges">Use Tor with bridges</string>
	<string name="tor_network_setting_never">Don\'t connect</string>
	<!-- How and when Tor will connect after Automatic: E.g. Don't connect (in China) or Use Tor with bridges (in Belarus) -->
	<string name="tor_network_setting_summary">Automatic: %1$s (in %2$s)</string>
	<string name="tor_mobile_data_title">Use mobile data</string>
365 366 367

	<!-- Settings Security and Panic -->
	<string name="security_settings_title">Security</string>
	<string name="pref_lock_title">App lock</string>
	<string name="pref_lock_summary">Use the device\'s screen lock to protect Briar while signed in</string>
	<string name="pref_lock_disabled_summary">To use this feature, set up a screen lock for your device</string>
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_title">App lock inactivity timeout</string>
372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384
	<!-- The %s placeholder is replaced with the following time spans, e.g. 5 Minutes, 1 Hour -->
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_summary">When not using Briar, automatically lock it after %s</string>
	<!-- Will be shown in a list of lock times. Should fit into the %s of "automatically lock it after %s" -->
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_1">1 minute</string>
	<!-- Will be shown in a list of lock times. Should fit into the %s of "automatically lock it after %s" -->
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_5">5 minutes</string>
	<!-- Will be shown in a list of lock times. Should fit into the %s of "automatically lock it after %s" -->
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_15">15 minutes</string>
	<!-- Will be shown in a list of lock times. Should fit into the %s of "automatically lock it after %s" -->
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_30">30 minutes</string>
	<!-- Will be shown in a list of lock times. Should fit into the %s of "automatically lock it after %s" -->
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_60">1 hour</string>
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_never">Never</string>
	<string name="pref_lock_timeout_never_summary">Never lock Briar automatically</string>

	<string name="change_password">Change password</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
388 389 390
	<string name="current_password">Current password</string>
	<string name="choose_new_password">New password</string>
	<string name="confirm_new_password">Confirm new password</string>
391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400
	<string name="password_changed">Password has been changed.</string>
	<string name="panic_setting">Panic button setup</string>
	<string name="panic_setting_title">Panic button</string>
	<string name="panic_setting_hint">Configure how Briar will react when you use a panic button app</string>
	<string name="panic_app_setting_title">Panic Button App</string>
	<string name="unknown_app">an unknown app</string>
	<string name="panic_app_setting_summary">No app has been set</string>
	<string name="panic_app_setting_none">None</string>
	<string name="dialog_title_connect_panic_app">Confirm Panic App</string>
	<string name="dialog_message_connect_panic_app">Are you sure that you want to allow %1$s to trigger destructive panic button actions?</string>
	<string name="panic_setting_destructive_action">Destructive Actions</string>
402 403
	<string name="panic_setting_signout_title">Sign Out</string>
	<string name="panic_setting_signout_summary">Sign out of Briar if a panic button is pressed</string>
404 405 406 407 408 409 410
	<string name="purge_setting_title">Delete Account</string>
	<string name="purge_setting_summary">Delete your Briar account if a panic button is pressed. Caution: This will permanently delete your identities, contacts and messages</string>
	<string name="uninstall_setting_title">Uninstall Briar</string>
	<string name="uninstall_setting_summary">This requires manual confirmation in a panic event</string>

	<!-- Settings Notifications -->
	<string name="notification_settings_title">Notifications</string>
	<string name="notify_sign_in_title">Remind me to sign in</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
	<string name="notify_sign_in_summary">Show a reminder when the phone starts or the app has been updated</string>
413 414
	<string name="notify_private_messages_setting_title">Private messages</string>
	<string name="notify_private_messages_setting_summary">Show alerts for private messages</string>
	<string name="notify_private_messages_setting_summary_26">Configure alerts for private messages</string>
416 417
	<string name="notify_group_messages_setting_title">Group messages</string>
	<string name="notify_group_messages_setting_summary">Show alerts for group messages</string>
	<string name="notify_group_messages_setting_summary_26">Configure alerts for group messages</string>
419 420
	<string name="notify_forum_posts_setting_title">Forum posts</string>
	<string name="notify_forum_posts_setting_summary">Show alerts for forum posts</string>
	<string name="notify_forum_posts_setting_summary_26">Configure alerts for forum posts</string>
422 423
	<string name="notify_blog_posts_setting_title">Blog posts</string>
	<string name="notify_blog_posts_setting_summary">Show alerts for blog posts</string>
	<string name="notify_blog_posts_setting_summary_26">Configure alerts for blog posts</string>
425 426 427 428 429
	<string name="notify_vibration_setting">Vibrate</string>
	<string name="notify_sound_setting">Sound</string>
	<string name="notify_sound_setting_default">Default ringtone</string>
	<string name="notify_sound_setting_disabled">None</string>
	<string name="choose_ringtone_title">Choose ringtone</string>
	<string name="cannot_load_ringtone">Cannot load ringtone</string>

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Torsten Grote committed
	<!-- Settings Feedback -->
433 434 435
	<string name="feedback_settings_title">Feedback</string>
	<string name="send_feedback">Send feedback</string>

436 437 438 439 440 441
	<!-- Link Warning -->
	<string name="link_warning_title">Link Warning</string>
	<string name="link_warning_intro">You are about to open the following link with an external app.</string>
	<string name="link_warning_text">This can be used to identify you. Think about whether you trust the person that sent you this link and consider opening it with Orfox.</string>
	<string name="link_warning_open_link">Open Link</string>

442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461
	<!-- Crash Reporter -->
	<string name="crash_report_title">Briar Crash Report</string>
	<string name="briar_crashed">Sorry, Briar has crashed.</string>
	<string name="not_your_fault">This is not your fault.</string>
	<string name="please_send_report">Please help us build a better Briar by sending us a crash report.</string>
	<string name="report_is_encrypted">We promise that the report is encrypted and sent securely.</string>
	<string name="feedback_title">Feedback</string>
	<string name="describe_crash">Describe what happened (optional)</string>
	<string name="enter_feedback">Enter your feedback</string>
	<string name="optional_contact_email">Your email address (optional)</string>
	<string name="include_debug_report_crash">Include anonymous data about the crash</string>
	<string name="include_debug_report_feedback">Include anonymous data about this device</string>
	<string name="could_not_load_report_data">Could not load report data.</string>
	<string name="send_report">Send report</string>
	<string name="close">Close</string>
	<string name="dev_report_saved">Report saved. It will be sent the next time you log into Briar.</string>

	<!-- Sign Out -->
	<string name="progress_title_logout">Signing out of Briar…</string>

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goapunk committed
	<!-- Screen Filters & Tapjacking -->
	<string name="screen_filter_title">Screen overlay detected</string>
	<string name="screen_filter_body">Another app is drawing on top of Briar. To protect your security, Briar will not respond to touches when another app is drawing on top.\n\nThe following apps might be drawing on top:\n\n%1$s</string>
	<string name="screen_filter_allow">Allow these apps to draw on top</string>
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goapunk committed

	<!-- Permission Requests -->
	<string name="permission_camera_title">Camera permission</string>
	<string name="permission_camera_request_body">To scan the QR code, Briar needs access to the camera.</string>
470 471 472 473
	<string name="permission_location_title">Location permission</string>
	<string name="permission_location_request_body">To discover Bluetooth devices, Briar needs permission to access your location.\n\nBriar does not store your location or share it with anyone.</string>
	<string name="permission_camera_location_title">Camera and location</string>
	<string name="permission_camera_location_request_body">To scan the QR code, Briar needs access to the camera.\n\nTo discover Bluetooth devices, Briar needs permission to access your location.\n\nBriar does not store your location or share it with anyone.</string>
	<string name="permission_camera_denied_body">You have denied access to the camera, but adding contacts requires using the camera.\n\nPlease consider granting access.</string>
475 476
	<string name="qr_code">QR code</string>
	<string name="show_qr_code_fullscreen">Show QR code fullscreen</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
477 478 479

	<!-- App Locking -->
	<string name="lock_unlock">Unlock Briar</string>
	<string name="lock_unlock_verbose">Enter your device PIN, pattern or password to unlock Briar</string>
481 482
	<string name="lock_unlock_fingerprint_description">Touch your fingerprint sensor with the registered finger to continue</string>
	<string name="lock_unlock_password">Use Password</string>
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Torsten Grote committed
483 484 485
	<string name="lock_is_locked">Briar is locked</string>
	<string name="lock_tap_to_unlock">Tap to unlock</string>

486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501
	<!-- Screenshots -->

	<!-- This is a name to be used in screenshots. Feel free to change it to a local name. -->
	<string name="screenshot_alice">Alice</string>
	<!-- This is a name to be used in screenshots. Feel free to change it to a local name. -->
	<string name="screenshot_bob">Bob</string>
	<!-- This is a name to be used in screenshots. Feel free to change it to a local name. -->
	<string name="screenshot_carol">Carol</string>
	<!-- This is a message to be used in screenshots. Please use the same translation for Bob! -->
	<string name="screenshot_message_1">Hi Bob!</string>
	<!-- This is a message to be used in screenshots. Please use the same translation for Alice! -->
	<string name="screenshot_message_2">Hi Alice! Thanks for telling me about Briar!</string>
	<!-- This is a message to be used in screenshots. -->
	<string name="screenshot_message_3">No problem, hope you like it 😀</string>