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......@@ -188,6 +188,21 @@ updated. The former can be done with
## FAQ
### How can I let Briar start automatically at system boot?
Until [#66]( is resolved, you can manually
tell your desktop environment to start Briar by creating the following file:
[Desktop Entry]
If you're using Flatpak, you need to change `Exec` to `/usr/bin/flatpak run app.briar.gtk`.
### How can I run this on the Librem 5?
Whether you own a Librem 5 or
......@@ -200,10 +215,10 @@ Before you start, you have to install some dependencies:
sudo apt install flatpak-builder elfutils
You can then simply
[follow the instructions from above](#developers).
Note that you currently don't get beyond the setup screen
because Briar Headless only works on x86 platforms so far.
You can then [follow the instructions from above](#developers).
Note that you need to modify everything a little bit to work on the Librem's arm platform
(not needed for the emulator):
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