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Update copyright year in about dialog

Also remove link to my website (there shouldn't be any third-party
links, imho).
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......@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@
<property name="type_hint">normal</property>
<property name="program_name">Briar GTK</property>
<property name="version">@VERSION@</property>
<property name="copyright" translatable="yes" context="Used in about dialog">Copyright © 2019-2020 The Briar Project</property>
<property name="copyright" translatable="yes" context="Used in about dialog">Copyright © 2019-2021 The Briar Project</property>
<property name="comments" translatable="yes" context="Used in about dialog">A Briar client for GTK desktop and mobile devices</property>
<property name="website">@PACKAGE_URL@</property>
<property name="website_label" translatable="yes" context="Used in about dialog to get to website">Visit Briar GTK website</property>
<property name="authors">Nico Alt</property>
<property name="authors">Nico Alt</property>
<property name="logo_icon_name">app.briar.gtk</property>
<property name="license_type">agpl-3-0-only</property>
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