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Document instructions to copy database from Android

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* Has [phone constraints]( in mind
* Strictly separates API wrapper from GTK stuff, making former a solid base for other (commandline) clients
## FAQ
### How can I add contacts?
Adding contacts isn't yet supported. Instead, you have to copy
the database and keys from a Briar Android installation. The most
convenient way to do so is by using
Note that your smartphone needs to be rooted for this.
1. Start _briar-gtk_ and register a dummy account. This will create
the needed directory structure at _~/.briar/_. Close the program afterwards.
2. Enable _adb_ on your smartphone and give it root permissions.
3. Connect via _adb_ and gain root permissions using `adb root`.
4. Copy all important files using `adb pull`:
5. Replace the respecting files in _~/.briar/db_ and _~/.briar/key_.
## License
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
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