Add error screen for when device is offline

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Closes #95 (closed)

Test instructions @earthlingIB:

  • reset Mailbox app data
  • disable Wifi
  • start Mailbox
  • skip onboarding
  • if prompted, grant app additional permissions
  • expected: progress spinner comes up: "starting services", "starting tor"
  • expected: error message appears: "device offline?"
  • enable Wifi
  • expected: after a few seconds max, the error message disappears automatically and the progress spinner re-appears
  • expected Mailbox starts up as expected and shows QR code eventually

Test variation:

  • do the same as above
  • after the progress spinner re-appeared, disable Wifi again, making the error screen appear once more
  • enable Wifi once more. As before, the progress spinner should re-appear automatically and the QR code should show up eventually.
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