Transfer pending contact alias to contact.

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......@@ -84,10 +84,13 @@ class ContactManagerImpl implements ContactManager {
Author remote, AuthorId local, SecretKey rootKey, long timestamp,
boolean alice, boolean verified, boolean active)
throws DbException, GeneralSecurityException {
PublicKey theirPublicKey = db.getPendingContact(txn, p).getPublicKey();
PendingContact pendingContact = db.getPendingContact(txn, p);
db.removePendingContact(txn, p);
PublicKey theirPublicKey = pendingContact.getPublicKey();
ContactId c =
db.addContact(txn, remote, local, theirPublicKey, verified);
String alias = pendingContact.getAlias();
if (!alias.equals(remote.getName())) db.setContactAlias(txn, c, alias);
KeyPair ourKeyPair = identityManager.getHandshakeKeys(txn);
keyManager.addContact(txn, c, theirPublicKey, ourKeyPair);
keyManager.addRotationKeys(txn, c, rootKey, timestamp, alice, active);
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