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Add an event for received setup messages

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......@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ import org.briarproject.briar.api.remotewipe.MessageEncoder;
import org.briarproject.briar.api.remotewipe.MessageParser;
import org.briarproject.briar.api.remotewipe.RemoteWipeManager;
import org.briarproject.briar.api.remotewipe.RemoteWipeMessageHeader;
import org.briarproject.briar.api.remotewipe.RemoteWipeReceivedEvent;
import org.briarproject.briar.api.socialbackup.ShardReceivedEvent;
import org.briarproject.briar.client.ConversationClientImpl;
import java.util.ArrayList;
......@@ -122,8 +124,12 @@ public class RemoteWipeManagerImpl extends ConversationClientImpl
MessageType type = MessageType.fromValue(body.getLong(0).intValue());
if (type == SETUP) {
messageTracker.trackIncomingMessage(txn, m);
// message.getGroupId turn into contactid
// txn.attach event
ContactId contactId = getContactId(txn, m.getGroupId());
MessageStatus status = db.getMessageStatus(txn, contactId,
txn.attach(new RemoteWipeReceivedEvent(
createMessageHeader(m, meta, status), contactId));
} else if (type == WIPE) {
if (!remoteWipeIsSetup(txn)) return false;
if (clock.currentTimeMillis() - m.getTimestamp() > MAX_MESSAGE_AGE)
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