Commit cf616905 authored by Torsten Grote's avatar Torsten Grote
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Merge branch 'introduction-manager-skip-session-parsing' into 'master'

Avoid some unnecessary session parsing when retrieving introduction messages

See merge request !972
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......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ class IntroductionManagerImpl extends ConversationClientImpl
MessageType type = meta.getMessageType();
if (type == REQUEST) {
messages.add(parseInvitationRequest(txn, contactGroupId, m,
meta, status, ss.bdfSession, authorInfos));
meta, status, meta.getSessionId(), authorInfos));
} else if (type == ACCEPT) {
messages.add(parseInvitationResponse(txn, contactGroupId, m,
meta, status, ss.bdfSession, authorInfos, true));
......@@ -439,20 +439,9 @@ class IntroductionManagerImpl extends ConversationClientImpl
private IntroductionRequest parseInvitationRequest(Transaction txn,
GroupId contactGroupId, MessageId m, MessageMetadata meta,
MessageStatus status, BdfDictionary bdfSession,
MessageStatus status, SessionId sessionId,
Map<AuthorId, AuthorInfo> authorInfos)
throws DbException, FormatException {
Role role = sessionParser.getRole(bdfSession);
SessionId sessionId;
if (role == INTRODUCER) {
IntroducerSession session =
sessionId = session.getSessionId();
} else if (role == INTRODUCEE) {
IntroduceeSession session = sessionParser
.parseIntroduceeSession(contactGroupId, bdfSession);
sessionId = session.getSessionId();
} else throw new AssertionError();
Message msg = clientHelper.getMessage(txn, m);
BdfList body = clientHelper.toList(msg);
RequestMessage rm = messageParser.parseRequestMessage(msg, body);
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