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Add strings for warning when adding a contact is slow

akwizgran requested to merge 1230-strings-adding-contact-slow into master

This branch adds UI strings for warning the user when adding a pending contact is taking a long time and giving them a chance to send their link if they've forgotten to do so. I'm imagining the UX working like this:

  • If a pending contact was added more than X minutes ago and is in the waiting for connection state, we show an extra message below "Waiting for connection..." that says "Adding this contact is taking longer than usual"
  • The extra message is clickable and has a small info/help icon beside it
  • Clicking the message/icon opens a dialog
  • The dialog's title is "Cannot Connect to Contact" (or maybe "Adding Contact is Slow"?)
  • The dialog's text is "Adding this contact is taking longer than usual. Please check that your contact has received your link and added you:"
  • The dialog shows the user's link, with copy and share buttons, enabling them to fix the problem
  • The dialog has a single button: OK

Part of #1230 (closed).

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