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Condition display of progressbar on a isCreatingAccount LiveData

Daniel Lublin requested to merge 1919-password-fields-not-focusable into master

Avoiding the mess with saving onSaveInstanceState, and the (in this case) unwanted restoring of it upon back-button tap.

Closes #1919 (closed)

Test instructions:

  • Precondition: fresh install, setting up a new account
    • Testing specific bug fix:
      • Choose a name, tap next
      • Choose a password, tap next
        • Not testable on some devices which display "Create account" instead of "Next"
      • You are now on Background connections screen
      • Tap Back-button ◁
      • Ensure that password can be changed again
    • During setup process, rotate device and ensure that:
      • entered text is kept
      • progressbar is continuously displayed

Please also verify that the following is fixed and can be closed: #1819 (closed) (Create Account-button should never visible when account is already being created)

Edited by Daniel Lublin

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