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Make group/create forum/write blog post buttons to always show

Torsten Grote requested to merge 1667-toolbar-options into master

Test instructions:

  • sign in to briar
  • as soon as the contact list becomes visible, click the hamburger icon and choose one of
    • blogs
    • private groups
    • forums
  • check that icons in the right side of the toolbar are visible
  • now to further checks
    • press back button and ensure you get back to contact list, press back button again to leave the app
    • rotate screen and ensure icons are still visible
    • choose another main menu option and ensure it also has icons visible
    • choose contact list from menu and ensure that it does not have toolbar icons on the right

test side effect:

  • remove all granted permissions that briar has in app system settings
  • attempt to add a contact nearby
  • ensure that briar is asking for permissions
  • grant permission and allow bluetooth discovery and ensure it brings you to your QR code

Closes #1667 (closed)

Edited by Torsten Grote

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