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Split ConditionManager into API-specific versions

  • On API 29+ we need the location permission to start the hotspot, while on lower API levels, we don't. In order to handle permissions and other conditions in a clear manner depending the API level of the device the app is running on, have separate extensions of the base ConditionManager class.
  • Take special care to handle situations gracefully where the Wifi is disabled and the user tries to start the hotspot. We cannot simply rely on Wifi being enabled as a sufficient condition that allows us to start the hotspot. We need to wait for WifiP2p to be available. While it is tricky to obtain that state (it involves registering a broadcast receiver for the WIFI_P2P_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION broadcast, keeping track of changes there and even then things are still ugly. It can happen that WifiP2p is available before Wifi is. Also it can happen that WifiP2p never becomes available because some other application has already opened a hotspot. Instead of checking that state, we now just try (and retry repeatedly after a delay) to start the hotspot (and the WifiP2p framework) hoping that is becomes availabe within a reasonable amount of time after Wifi has been detected to be on. Currently we try 5 times with a delay of 1 second.
  • Improve the behavior of disabling and re-enabling the 'start hotspot' button, so that it becomes impossible to double-tap it, but still making sure that the button get re-enabled as soon as the UI is back in a state where the user should be able to tap the button again.

Closes #2100 (closed)

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