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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • Resolution: not our bug. We are not responsible for the issue reported in the ticket
  • R: rejected
    Resolution: rejected. Ticket will not be worked on
  • Research
    Ticket involves the study of sources in order to reach new conclusions
  • S: blocked
    Status: blocked. Work on this ticket is currently blocked
  • S: diagnosed
    Status: diagnosed. Technical diagnosis has been performed on the issue reported in the ticket
  • S: in QA
    Status: in QA. Ticket needs QA testing before being closed
  • Status: in code review. Ticket is included in an open merge request
  • Status: in merge queue. Ticket is waiting for other branches to be merged before code review
  • Status: in progress. Ticket is currently being worked on
  • Status: needs diagnosis. Issue reported in ticket requires a technical diagnosis before further triage can be performed
  • Status: needs more info. Ticket requires more information from the issue reporter
  • S: ready
    Ticket is ready to be worked on
  • S: stale
    Status: stale. Issue described by the ticket may not be relevant any more, or ticket has had no activity for a long time
  • Security
    Ticket has security implications
  • Ticket describes an issue identified by an external security audit
  • Sponsor 1
    Ticket is supported by sponsor 1 (OTF, March 2018 contract)
  • Sponsor 2
    Ticket is supported by sponsor 2 (ISC, August 2018 contract)
  • Sponsor 3
    Ticket is supported by Internews (Oct 2018 contract)
  • Sponsor 4
    Ticket is supported by NLnet (April 2019 grant)
  • Sponsor 5
    Ticket is supported by ISC (January 2020 contract)