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<h2>Privacy policy</h2>
<p>We do not have access to the content of private messages, groups, forums or blogs, or any metadata about them.</p>
We do not collect any information about how Briar is used or who uses it, with the following exceptions:
<li>Visits to this website are logged to help us diagnose problems with the website. The logs are deleted automatically after seven days.</li>
<li>If you choose to send feedback via the "Send feedback" button in the Briar app, we will store your feedback. If you choose to include your email address and/or information about your device, those will also be stored.</li>
<li>If Briar crashes and you choose to send a crash report, we will store the crash report. If you choose to include an email address and/or information about your device, those will also be stored.</li>
<p>Feedback and crash reports are encrypted before being sent to us. We store and process them securely. By including your email address, you give us permission to contact you regarding your feedback or crash report. We will not share your email address with anyone else, or contact you for any other purpose. Any information you send will only be used for the purpose of improving the Briar software.</p>
<p>Anonymised information from feedback and crash reports may be quoted on our <a href="">development website</a>, which is accessible to the public.</p>
<p>If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email <a href=""></a> [<a href="keys/contact.asc">PGP key</a>].</p>
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<li><a href="copyright.html">Copyright</a></li>
<li>Site design by Reflective Spaces</li>
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