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WIP: Add page get-in-touch

Sebastian requested to merge add-get-in-touch-page into master

Instead of adding !63 with a batch changes, I propose to split this into smaller merges. !63 wants to create three new pages:

  • /support
  • /support/get-in-touch
  • /support/glossary

and it wants to move /how-it-works to /support/how-it-works

In order to fit all the new pages into the menu, !63 creates a submenu "Support".

This MR only adds the get-in-touch page and moves /how-it-works to /support/how-it-works

For the missing /support index page, it adds a copy of how-it-works (symlink) to be later replaces with the real index page (the FAQs)

EDIT: I think it would make sense to break this apart into even smaller pieces, adding the invidiual pages from !63 one by one and only later adding the menu restructuring.

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