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Move myself to the list of Past Contributors

Nico requested to merge moving-on into master

Regarding the board that's the best way I've come up with to record my membership there. An alternative would have been to create a list of past legislative periods, but I can imagine that to become quite large in time. Still, I'm open to change this according to others' opinions.

Once this is merged, I'll:

  • leave all GitLab groups
  • leave all Mattermost channels except the Prototype Fund/mentoring related ones
  • remove my access to all Briar infrastructure (that's only
  • remove my access to YouTube and PeerTube
  • remove my access to Transifex

Regarding Transifex, some translators might finish their translations for my talk in the next months and I hope that @akwizgran or @grote (the only other ones with access to YouTube) will upload the subtitles there. Thank you!

MR as per

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