1. 14 Mar, 2016 2 commits
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      Merge branch '206-settings-prefs-alt' into 'master' · e5d70381
      akwizgran authored
      Material design settings - alternative
      Closes #206.
      Alternative to !77 that does not rely on an additional external library. The two alternatives should be compared for backwards-compatibility specifically regarding the ringtone selector.
      Includes code from https://github.com/consp1racy/android-support-preference
      License: Apache License v2.0
      See merge request !78
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      Merge branch '266-message-queues' into 'master' · e8ad1121
      Torsten Grote authored
      Message queues. #266
      A message queue is a group shared by two devices that delivers messages from each device to the other in order. The first 64 bits of the message body contain a sequence number that's incremented for each message sent in a given direction. The incoming and outgoing sequence numbers and information about any messages received out of order and waiting to be delivered are stored in the group metadata.
      See merge request !121
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      Merge branch 'bluetooth-race' into 'master' · c615dd1e
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      Fix race condition when closing redundant Bluetooth sockets
      The Bluetooth invitation code has a race condition: if Alice and Bob connect to each other at roughly the same time, they each consider their outgoing socket to be redundant and close it, resulting in both sockets being closed. This can be triggered pretty reliably by using two phones of the same model and pressing 'Continue' at the same time on both phones.
      When more than one invitation socket is opened, Alice should pick which one to use and Bob should use whichever one Alice picks, which Bob can detect by trying to read from both sockets.
      Hopefully the Bluetooth invitation code will be retired when #117 is merged, but I'm putting this up for review in case we need to keep Bluetooth as a fallback method.
      See merge request !120
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