Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • User feedback
    Ticket is based on feedback from users or testers
  • Usability
    Ticket has usabilty implications
  • UI/UX
    Ticket relates to the user interface and/or user experience
  • Tor
    Ticket relates to the Tor Network
  • To Do
  • Test
    Ticket involves testing a feature and/or reporting the results of a test
  • T: task
    Type: task. Ticket involves work that isn't user-visible, such as refactoring or research
  • T: feature request
    Type: feature request. Ticket describes a user-visible improvement that may or may not be implemented
  • T: feature
    Type: feature. Ticket describes a user-visible improvement
  • T: epic
    Type: epic. Ticket must be broken down into subtasks
  • T: bug
    Type: bug. Ticket describes a defect that affects the user
  • Sponsor 6
    Ticket is supported by sponsor 6 (, November 2020 contract)
  • Sponsor 5
    Ticket is supported by ISC (January 2020 contract)
  • Sponsor 4
    Ticket is supported by NLnet (April 2019 grant)
  • Sponsor 3
    Ticket is supported by Internews (Oct 2018 contract)
  • Sponsor 2
    Ticket is supported by sponsor 2 (ISC, August 2018 contract)
  • Sponsor 1
    Ticket is supported by sponsor 1 (OTF, March 2018 contract)
  • Security audit
    Ticket describes an issue identified by an external security audit
  • Security
    Ticket has security implications
  • S: stale
    Status: stale. Issue described by the ticket may not be relevant any more, or ticket has had no activity for a long time