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Translations for this project are managed through Transifex:
If you'd like to volunteer as a translator, please create a Transifex account and request to be
added to the project's translation team. The Localization Lab has some instructions and advice for
translators here:
#### Updating translations in Briar GTK
_This section is of interest only for developers of Briar GTK_.
To update translations locally, first install `transifex-client`. You can then pull updates with `tx pull`.
This is how updating translations in Briar GTK works:
* Transifex periodically fetches the source file from
* Translators submit their updates via Transifex
* We pull the updates from Transifex and commit them before each release
* Occasionally we make minor updates locally and push them to Transifex
It's recommened not to edit translations locally in Git as Transifex uses a quite simple algorithm that doesn't support this use case. You might want to make your changes through Transifex instead, by joining the respective language teams.
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